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So often we cure an illness, but after some time we are sick again...
When you go to a doctor, you are treating your physical body. When you find a holistic therapist, you are healing your whole being - physically, emotionally, mentally

..but the real secret to lifelong good health is actually the opposite: let your body take care of you”
— Deepak Chopra

What can holistic health/energy therapy really do?
Improve your health and wellbeing, creating happiness and a balanced lifestyle
Complement other medicines, reducing pain and boosting healing
Detect illness before physical symptoms develop, help with trauma, fears and stressful situations
Help to find your direction/purpose in life, achieve goals and make your dreams come to reality

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ONLINE SESSIONS - via skype or email (english or portuguese)

Chakra Coaching
Find out what chakras you have blocked, how to balance them and work on your body & mind as a whole. The clearing and balance of our energy centres (chakras) energises the aura, brings calm to the mind and clarity to direction. Clear blockages, fears and anxiety, and start using your full power.
During this session I will listen to you deeply, be non-judgmental and provide a holistic perspective about your health.

Distance card readings
No, this is not about predicting the future. This is about raising consciousness and awareness, so that the inner direction is strengthened. It can help with decision making, future choices, love life, professional career, family issues and more. Card readings are useful in showing you the best way forward. You can choose to do a reading about: decision making, insight into a particular issue, intention clarity, intention for love or wealth, removing blocks, career path, the chakras.

Couple/Family Healing
You lead this session, I advise with an holistic view - effective, non-judgmental and positive approach. Discover the root of your problems, what is blocking you, and build on your strengths, making your good relationships great! Strengthen your emotional bond, improve your communication, get on the same page, enjoy each other again, move forward together. We all can love and be loved!

Let go, and create space for better things to enter your life

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Your body has an energy field - the aura - and your body also has the capability to heal itself. But sometimes due to trauma or difficult situations, we experience negative energy that creates blockages and stops your natural healing ability. Energy flows through your body along energy centres called chakras and meridians. When you are healthy this energy flows easily, but if one of your chakras/meridians is blocked then you may become unwell. Energy healing detects negative energy and removes it, giving you back your full power to live healthy and happy again.

Doctors look at your body, diagnose a problem and give you medicine. They don’t always take into account your emotional and spiritual state. Your emotions can’t be seen but play a huge factor in healing. Stress and worry affect your body, and the reason you are sick today is probably due to a build-up of negative emotions. The effects of worry and stress may not show up today, but at some point, they may arrive as an illness. You won’t know this and may look for other causes which can lead you to take medicines you don’t need. All medicines have side effects. Energy healing removes blockages along your energy paths. Once these blockages are removed your energy starts to circulate freely and the only side effect is that you will feel renewed and healthy again.

Is there an easy, safe way to heal yourself? Yes. Energy healing used to be regarded of as a gift of the few, but in fact, we all have this gift. You don’t have to spend lots of money or years suffering to heal yourself. You can learn how to heal yourself and you can heal yourself!

But can online therapy really heal?!

Skeptical about it? Keep reading...

ONLINE THERAPY REALLY WORKS and that's not only my opinion!

As online therapy is becoming more commonly practiced, researchers are finding that:

- The effects of online therapy are longer lasting, and slightly more effective, than those of face-to-face therapy for treatment of depression. Journal of Affective Disorders, 2013

- People have the same levels of satisfaction with online therapy as with face-to-face therapy, and online therapy is just as effective. American Psychiatric Association, 2007

- People suffering from PTSD who received online therapy showed greater reduction of symptoms than people who had traditional, face-to-face counseling. Six months after treatment started, the online therapy group continued to have better results compared to the in-person therapy group. American Journal of Psychiatry, 2007

- There are fewer hospitalizations among veterans who met with their therapists for online therapy than through face-to-face therapy. Psychiatric Services, 2012



Less expensive than in-office therapy.
Clients are more comfortable and open while at home.
Text or message-based therapy allows clients more time to structure their thoughts.
It is easier for clients to cancel, reschedule or change their therapist within a network of online therapists.
Some clients feel therapy via the Internet provides greater anonymity.
It benefits people who cannot drive to a therapist’s office.
It is a convenient option for people with disabilities.
People in abusive relationship who want to receive therapy without their partner knowing.



Online therapy is much more private than therapy in the office, since you do it in the privacy of your own home (or any other place you want to). No one sees you going into the counseling office or coming out, and no one asks you where you’re going in the middle of the day.
Plus, a therapy session can be a vulnerable and deep experience. With online sessions, you have time to stay in the experience, have time to reflect, do some journaling, and then get back to your life - when you're ready.



I do believe that online therapy is great, but as any other therapy, it's not for everyone. If you prefer to feel the "sacred space" of the therapy office or if you are struggling with a mental illness, you should look for an in-person meeting and specific help.


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